Learning a new language, Måneskin and finding motivation

As Autumn starts, we either look back on how much we achieved throughout the year, or we realize how much we wasted it. The pandemic certainly affected our levels of motivation and the way we view our purpose in the world. With all of these factors in mind, doubting our achievements (or lack thereof) is inevitable. However, the monotone routines we now accept as the norm may have also led to the need to try something new. To many people, this time led to rediscoveries of past hobbies, as well as discoveries of new music, films, and books. Some may have found interest in something they never thought would like, and others may have been led to a path of new knowledge and challenges.

As someone who loves learning, the year 2020 sent me to a different path where I ventured into the world of Korean culture, history, films, music, and ultimately, the Korean language. Learning a new language from the beginning is certainly hard and requires effort, but the happiness of learning new things and expressing my thoughts in a new language was far more rewarding (and fun!). There were times where I struggled to understand grammar points, and use them in a sentence proved to be quite difficult, but every time I strung together a sentence or understood a concept made it all worth it. I reached a point where the internet wasn’t enough to help me learn by myself, so I signed up for a course at the end of the year, and the journey to fluency continues to this day.

A year has passed since I started learning Korean, so a new question has taken over my mind: What’s stopping me from learning another language? Short answer, nothing.

The month of September 2021 has started, so the question now is which language I should dive into. If you look at artists I’ve been recently listening to on Spotify, the final choice doesn’t seem surprising. For the past two weeks, I’ve been listening to the Italian band Måneskin, and curiosity led me to watch some interviews with the group. Considering my mother language is Portuguese, there are already similarities between both languages as they have the same Latin base. I could pick up some words in those interviews, but other aspects of the language differ greatly. With their songs on my Spotify playlist and their personalities in my mind, I picked up an empty notebook and wrote a simple introduction

Ciao a tutti! Mi chiamo Kate. Piacere di conoscerti.

With a simple sentence, I started my Italian journey!
(and I encourage you to do the same)


I will continue to write more about my journey with italian and korean, such as challenges, learning resources and tips.