N.Flying’s Cha Hun becomes 5th member to test positive for COVID-19

Cha Hun of N.Flying has also tested positive for COVID-19. Lee Seung Hyub, Yoo Hwe Seung, and Seo Dong Sung of N.Flying were the first members to test postive for the virus, but one day after those results were shared, the group’s agency FNC Entertainment announced that Kim Jae Hyun also tested positive.

On September 9, FNC Entertainment released a statement:


“This is FNC Entertainment.

Our artist N.Flying’s Cha Hun tested positive for COVID-19 today (September 9).

On September 4, Cha Hun underwent PCR testing and tested negative. Classified as a close contact by the health authorities, he entered self-quarantine.

While closely monitoring his condition, he recently felt an abnormality in his health and immediately underwent PCR testing. He was diagnosed as positive for COVID-19.

Accordingly, Cha Hun has joined Lee Seung Hyub, Yoo Hwe Seung, Seo Dong Sung, and Kim Jae Hyun, all of whom tested positive, in following the instructions of health authorities by undergoing self-quarantine and taking all necessary measures.

We apologize for giving fans and many other people cause for concern. Our agency will diligently follow the instructions of health authorities, and we will do our utmost to help our artists return in good health as quickly as possible.”


Wishing the members of N.Flying a speedy recovery!

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