BTS releases new concept clips with Jimin, J-hope and V ahead of ‘Butter’ release on May 21

The anticipation and excitement around the release of the new single “Butter” continues to grow. BTS has been dropping teasers such as concept clips of each member, and these intriguing videos are making fans wonder even more about the sound or genre the group will explore. After unveiling the first concept teaser poster, the concept clips with RM and Jungkook, Jin and Suga, the group has now released the last set of clips featuring Jimin, J-hope and V.

Just like the previous clips, these three new ones also have a retro-esque vibe with neon lights and a party aesthetic, showing props that were already teased in the first concept poster. All of the members are effortlessly swaying to the rhythm. J-Hope is seen with a lollipop (which he eventually breaks into pieces), Jimin, dressed in an all black shimmery outfit, is seen drinking cola from the bottle, and V, also dressed in a black outfit, is seen eating gummy bears (which he eventually spills on the floor).

Although we have a teaser clip of all the members of the group, we still don’t know how the song will sound. When it comes to BTS, the teaser posters/clips are often quite different from the song, which makes the time until the release date even more interesting and exciting. More concept clips and teaser photos will be released throughout the month, as well as a music video teaser.

BTS will release the new single ‘Butter’ on May 21. It is a dance-pop track brimming with the smooth yet charismatic charm of BTS.

Watch the teaser clips:

J-hope concept clip
Jimin concept clip
V concept clip

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