BTS released dreamy concept teaser clips of Jungkook and RM for upcoming single ‘Butter’

BTS unveiled more teasers for the upcoming comeback with the single “Butter,” this time showing two concept clips featuring two members – Jungkook and RM. The first concept poster was released on May 2nd (KST).

Both concept clips were released on May 3rd (May 4th, midnight KST), which were accompanied with trap beats and references to the previous teaser ( a heart-shaped toast in Jungkook’s concept clip, and confetti in RM’s clip).

These videos were filmed with a different technique where a camcorder and a projector are connected, therefore creating repeated images that give more emphasis to the actions of the one being filmed. This technique also allows the creation of a specific aesthetic with the choice of colors and gives a dreamy vibe to the final video.

Watch the concept teaser clips:

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