BTS releases first concept teaser poster of upcoming single ‘Butter’

A few days after unveiling the comeback schedulle for the upcoming English single “Butter”, BTS has unveiled the first concept teaser poster of the song.

The poster, released on May 1 (May 2, midnight KST), includes seven retro-themed photos. Each one shows a different set of objects, such as yellow balloons with smiley emoji, a broken lollipop, a camera and film, a cup of gummies, a toast with a heart shape on it (as well as a fork and butter knife), a party popper with small hearts scattered on the floor and a glass with juice. There are also arrows connecting certain photos.

At first glance, it might seem like there isn’t much to read in each photo, but considering the group’s history of leaving clues and easter-eggs in their comeback teasers, fans have started to connect some of the photos with past music videos. The poster gives retro vibes and appears to show the aftermath of a party, something that has led many to believe in the possibility of a connection with the story shown in their “Run” music video. More teasers will be continuously be unveiled throughout the month of May.

BTS will release their new single ‘Butter’ on May 21.