Kakao M and Spotify renew licensing agreement

On March 1st, many K-pop releases were removed from Spotify as the global licensing agreement between both Spotify and Kakao M had expired. However, on March 11, Spotify and Kakao Entertainment (previously known as Kakao M) announced in an official statement that “Both companies have completed discussions about the renewal of their global licensing contract.” The statement continued: “As a result, Kakao Entertainment’s content will be available on Spotify platforms around the world, including in South Korea.”

A source from Spotify also stated that “The music of Kakao Entertainment artists will be available on Spotify once again for their global fans and for the over 345 million Spotify listeners in 170 countries around the world. As it is Spotify’s mission to connect artists to fans all over the world and to showcase music from around the world to our users, we are happy to be able to reach Korean listeners with not only these tracks but also with our library of over 70 million tracks and over 4 billion playlists.”

The statement also mentioned that they “remain committed to actively working toward negotiations with artists, labels, and rights holders in order to have a positive impact on the Korean streaming system.”

A source from Kakao Entertainment said that both companies have agreed to a music licensing contract. Regarding the contract itself, It was also stated: “Through diverse partnerships around the world, including Spotify, we aim to help our artists connect to listeners all over the world and create opportunities for people to enjoy K-pop.”

Kakao Entertainment made one final declaration regarding the licencing issue: “We remain committed to protecting the rights of artists, labels, and rights holders and to the growth of a stable creative ecosystem for the Korean music industry.”

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