ATEEZ’s Mingi to continue hiatus during Comeback, agency shares he participated in the recording of new album

As ATEEZ’s comeback date approaches, the group’s agency KQ Entertainment shared an update on member Mingi’s health.

Last November Mingi went on a hiatus from the group’s activities due to anxiety, and he has been resting and focusing on treatment. ATTEZ hinted recently that new music would be released by posting a teaser photo with the date of March 1, but on February 5 KQ Entertainment announced that Mingi will be remaining on hiatus during the group’s comeback.

The statement regarding Mingi’s health is as follows:

This is KQ Entertainment.

First, we express our gratitude to [ATEEZ’s fans] ATINY for your love and interest in ATEEZ. We are writing to inform you about Mingi’s current condition, participation in the new album, and his activities.

Mingi halted his official activities last November and has been focusing on counseling treatment. He has been undergoing treatment while resting, and currently he is recovering a sense of psychological stability compared to when he halted activities. Therefore, ahead of the release of this album, we spoke to Mingi, his parents, and the psychology counselor about the state of his recovery and him resuming activities, and it was agreed that there has been much progress through the counseling treatment.

However, it was decided that he will focus a bit more on recovery as everyone agreed that him returning when his health is not completely recovered could also cause more worry in the long term for the ATEEZ members including Mingi and for ATINY.

Therefore, we ask for your understanding over the fact that for these promotions, ATEEZ will be promoting with seven members rather than as the full group with all eight members.

However, the recording for all the songs on the new album was finished before he halted activities, and so you will be able to hear Mingi’s voice in the songs.

We ask for ATINY’s support so that Mingi can return to activities in good health, and in the future we will share a notice regarding the status of his activities.

Thank you.

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