BTS wins big at “Seoul Music Awards”, including the Grand Prize (Daesang) for the fourth year in a row

On January 31st, The 30th Seoul Music Awards (SMA) took place at Jamsil Gymnastics Stadium. BTS took home six awards, which included SMA’s Daesang (Grand Prize) and Bonsang. The group also became the first and only artist to win, in the same year, both “Best Song ” and “Best Album” in the past 30 years of Seoul Music Awards history.

In total, BTS won six awards:

  • SMA Grand Prize (Daesang)
  • SMA Bonsang
  • Best Album
  • Best Song
  • Kwave Popularity
  • WhosFandom Award

BTS also extends their record as the Korean artist with the most Daesangs of all-time (currently 55).

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