EXID’s LE To co-produce new girl group TRI.BE’s debut album with Shinsadong Tiger

At the beginning of this month, Universal Music Group and Shinsadong Tiger announced a collaboration to debut a new girl group called TRI.BE. The group’s agency (TR Entertainment) stated that EXID’s LE would be working together with Shinsadong Tiger as joint producers on TRI.BE’s debut album.

The rapper and producer LE agreed to work on TRI.BE’S debut album due to the long-lasting business relationship with Shinsadong Tiger, having worked together to produce some of EXID’s hit songs like “Up & Down,” “DDD,” “Ah Yeah,” and “Hot Pink,” as well as Trouble Maker’s song “Trouble Maker.”

LE was also familiar with the members of TRI.BE since she had worked previously with some of them. Member SongSun sang guide vocals for some EXID’s songs (produced by LE), and member HyunBin also decided to learn how to rap due to LE’s suggestion.

The new girl group TRI.BE is set to debut in February.

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