BTS shares teasers for “Life Goes On” MV, directed by Jungkook

The date of release for the group’s upcoming album BE (Deluxe Edition) is approaching, and BTS have shared two teasers for the MV of the title track “Life goes On”.

BTS is known for actively participating in the song-making process, meaning that all have continuously participated in the production and songwriting aspects of their music throughout the years. But this time they are heavily involved in other aspects besides production and composition, such as art-direction and design. It is self-directed considering that each member of the group participated in the creation of the album, from beginning to end, in all its details and characteristics. Recently they shared the track listing which includes the record breaking hit “Dynamite”, alongside seven new songs: “Life Goes On”, “Fly to My Room”, “Blue & Grey”, “Skit”, “Telepathy”, “Dis-ease” and “Stay”. The group had already described the songs in the album as the most BTS-esque music yet, further proving their own happiness and excitement in sharing their music with the world.

In both teasers, we see a familiar person working not only in front of the camera, but also behind it. The youngest member Jungkook is shown to be the director of the MV for “Life Goes On”

Teaser 1 of “Life Goes On” by BTS

The first teaser portrays a very peaceful and calming atmosphere. As the group gathers around a campfire, we can only hear soft guitar strumming accompanied by a soothing and subtle melody. The next shot shows the members in comfy clothes, coming closer to each other to see something on tv.

Teaser 2 of “Life Goes On” by BTS

The second teaser depicts a slightly different mood as we see the members through monochromatic lens, more specifically through the eyes of the youngest. As the director, we see the members through Jungkook’s perspective. The soft vocals saying “I remember” create a more nostalgic feeling, which goes hand in hand with the black and white pictures of each member.

The music video for “Life Goes On”, as well as the album BE (Deluxe Edition) will be released on November 20th.

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