Jackson Wang and Galantis collaborate in “Pretty Please”

Jackson Wang of GOT7 has returned with a new single named “Pretty Please”, a collaboration with the Swedish electronic duo Galantis.

After the stunning release of “100 ways” back in March, Jackson unveiled another addictive and upbeat song, accompanied by a cinematic Music Video inspired by Hong Kong and Chinese romance films from the 90s.

Jackson Wang & Galantis – Pretty Please (Official Music Video), released September 4th 2020.

“It motivates me to keep trying to break my own limit . . . and I always want to be better and better to make you all proud. I love you all.” – Jackson Wang

When it comes to his individual projects, not only can we expect great music but also meticulously crafted music videos. As the director, writer and producer of this video, his determination and hard work can’t be dismissed.

It is clear that he does not want to settle on what’s comfortable for him. Instead, he wants to continue to have challenges and, therefore, evolve as an artist.

The single “Pretty Please” by Jackson Wang and Galantis was released on September 3rd, 2020.

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